Interventional ultrasound

Interventional ultrasound

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Fine needle biopsy of the thyroid
Therapeutic infiltration
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Fine needle biopsy of the thyroid

Guiding the needle under ultrasound allows the locating, taking a sample (by puncture) of and injecting of the medication, by controlling the trajectory more accurately. It is used for interventional procedures such as biopsy by puncture of the thyroid and the injection or infiltration of a medication.

A fine needle aspiration biopsy of thyroid nodules is a type of biopsy using a syringe with a very fine needle, smaller than that used for a blood test, to remove a small amount of cells that will then be sent to the laboratory. The fine needle aspiration also allows emptying the fluid in a cyst.


  1. Identification of the nodule
  2. Local anaesthesia
  3. Several samplings are necessary to ensure there are enough cells for analysis


Before the examination:

Fast three (3) hours before the examination.

Anticoagulants as well as aspirin must be stopped 7 days before the procedure. You should consult your physician.

If you are allergic to xylocaine, please notify the technologist.


After the examination:

  • In case of pain, you may take 1 or 2 acetaminophen tablets.
  • A sheet of recommendations to follow will be provided.


Duration of exam

15 to 30 minutes

Examinations not covered by the RAMQ. Most group insurance plans reimburse the cost of such examinations. Inquire if your plan covers the examination. We accept applications from the CSST and the SAAQ.

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