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CT scan

At the cutting edge of technology: non-invasive and painless! It combines x-rays and computer technology. Its main advantage is its ability to capture a precise image of the bones, the soft tissues and the blood vessels. This allows us to visualize anomalies which are not detectable by conventional radiology or by ultrasound.
Unique in Canada !

You suffer from claustrophobia, we have the solution. We invite patients to sit and relax in comfort thanks to this new technology, which Radimed West Island is the first in Canada to obtain.

The MRI system allows the patient to lie in a comfortable reclining chair and to perform a magnetic resonance of the extremities: the arm or hand, the leg, the knee or the foot. This diagnostic method allows us to obtain detailed and precise images.
A great expertise

With the expertise of our radiologists, we perform arthrograms when high definition digital images are necessary to carefully analyze the muscles, tendons, ligaments, menisci or cartilage… or all lucent structures.

We use x-rays and contrast medium inside the joint to demonstrate its integrity or the presence of lesions in the structures.
A competent and dynamic team!

RADIMED, it is much more than technology, it is above all expertise! On top of the efficiency of the best tools in radiology and screening and diagnostic imaging, the exams are performed by experienced technologists. The results are then evaluated and interpreted by our team of radiologists from McGill University.

Our 30 radiologists are affiliated with the Montreal General Hospital, the Royal Victoria Hospital, the Montreal Neurological Hospital, the Montreal Chest Institute and the Montreal Children’s Hospital.
A professional reception

RADIMED offers a wide range of services to patients and referring physicians across its four radiology and medical imaging centers: Westmount Square, West Island, Vaudreuil-Dorion & Ville Saint-Laurent.

In order to answer the specific needs of the patients and the diversity of cases, RADIMED, with its equipment at the cutting edge of technology, brings together 30 doctors specialized in radiology to assure a precise and incomparable reading for all parts of the human body.

Westmount Square



Ville Saint-Laurent

is a group of specialized radiologists, affiliated with the McGill University Health Center, which operates four imaging centers: Westmount Square (WSMI), Imagerie Physimed Imaging (IPI), West Island (WIRC) and Vaudreuil-Dorion. Patients are therefore assured a reading that is specialized and incomparable for all the parts of the human body, such as the brain, the spine, the joints, as well as the organs in the chest, the abdomen and the pelvic cavity. RADIMED also has equipment at the cutting edge of technology in an entirely digitized environment, which guarantees the optimization of the quality of service for the patients and for the referring physicians.


Digital radiography is a medical imaging technique which uses x-rays to produce 2D images thanks to the difference in the opacity of the tissues on x-ray.


Bone mineral density

Barium Examinations



Specialized imaging

Specialized imaging can be obtained by magnetic resonance (MRI), by x-ray and/or by ultrasound.

Magnetic Resonance (MRI)


CT Scan

Cardiac imaging

Cancer screening

Most of these services are covered by medicare or reimbursed by private insurance

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