Obstetrical ultrasound

Radimed is proud to count on a team of obstetricians, to offer a service of obstetrical ultrasound.

Obstetrical ultrasound is used for assessing the fetus, placenta and amniotic fluid and also the health of the mother and baby. 
First and second trimester ultrasound can evaluate 
  • Pregnancy dating and viability (if the baby has a positive heartbeat) 
  • The number of babies (twins, triplets, etc.) 
  • Genetic assessment of the baby by checking nuchal translucency (neck thickness) 
  • Fetal anatomy, uterine and ovarian issues such as cervical length, uterine lesions (fibroids) and uterine anomalies and evaluation of the ovaries for cysts 
  • Placental position 
  • Amniotic fluid volume 
Third-trimester ultrasound can evaluate 
  • Fetal growth 
  • Fetal well being and placental and fetal blood flow 
  • Placental position 
  • Amniotic fluid volume 
  • Follow up on ovarian cysts and uterine fibroids 
  • Uterine lower segment thickness in case of previous Cesarean Section 

Examination duration 15-30 minutes

Examinations NOT COVERED by the RAMQ


You will need to have a full bladder and we recommend that you drink about 500 mL of water an hour prior to your exam. 
Please wear loose fitting clothing as you will have to expose your abdomen.