MRCP is a dedicated MRI examination of the biliary ducts and system. This examination can help in identifying malformations and anatomical variants of the biliary ducts and assess pathologies of the biliary system.
This study can also detect the presence of gallstones or tumors of the biliary system. This MRI study also helps in assessing extrabiliary anomalies, i.e. within other organs such as the pancreas. It is a non invasive examination.


The patient is lying on his back, with an antenna acting as a camera, placed on the front of the abdomen to see the different organs.

Small speakers are given to the patient so that he can listen to the instructions of the technologist especially to control his or her breathing, and to diminish the sound of the MRI machine. For most of the images, the patient must stop breathing for about 15-20 seconds.

We can sometimes inject a dye or contrast ferromagnetic agent such as gadolinium to complete the examination.

The examination lasts for about 30 minutes without contrast injection and 45 minutes with contrast injection.

Examination duration 20 TO 50 MINUTES

Examinations NOT COVERED by the RAMQ
Most group insurance plans reimburse the cost of such examinations. Inquire if your plan covers the examination. We accept applications from the CSST and the SAAQ.


Do not drink or eat anything 3 hours before the examination