Epidural Block

This exam enables a cortisone injection between two vertebral bodies in the epidural space, the area which surrounds the sac containing the nerve roots.

The purpose of this infiltration is to inject a minimal quantity of anti-inflammatory cortisone to reduce inflammation between the nerve and intervertebral disc. This infiltration is performed in a prone position. After prepping the skin under sterile conditions, a needle is introduced between two vertebrae at the level of the lumbar spine, into the space surrounding the sac containing the nerve roots (epidural space). In general, this procedure is not very painful.

At our Westmount Square clinic, we also perform infiltration of the pudendal nerve; this procedure is performed with a CT-scan.

Examination duration 30 TO 60 MINUTES

Examinations NOT COVERED by the RAMQ


Fast 3 hours before procedure.

Have someone accompany you to the clinic.