Assessment Questionnaire

Assessment Questionnaire

We thank you for choosing and using the services of the RADIMED group. In order to continue our initiative of improving our services and to ensure your complete satisfaction, we would be grateful if you would take a moment to fill out this questionnaire.

Your response will assist us in offering continued improvement of our services and resources.
All your comments will remain confidential and anonymous.

Which clinic did you visit?

Date of visit

Did you receive
an appointment quickly?
If not, approximate waiting time

At the reception today were
you greeted and registered promptly?
If not, approximate waiting time


Was there a reasonable delay before
the technologist called you?
If not, approximate waiting time


Type of exam(s) done

Satisfaction with regard to our personnel (courtesy and availability)



Your perception of the quality of services rendered
Please Specify

Please share your thoughts on our clinic
What did you appreciate the most?

What did you appreciate the least?

Suggestions for improvement

Please evaluate your general experience

Would you recommend RADIMED Medical Imaging?

Where did you hear about us?